A tip for companies using Tumblr

Recently I researched some cases (companies) using Tumblr, I found something very interesting.


This picture was taken from “Doctor Without Borders” on Tumblr. The interesting thing is that they put a lot of tags on each post. That make people easy to reach their posts. This would be a good method to spread and increase brand awareness.


‘Avengers’ Dresses: Tumblr Uses Marvel Superheroes As Fashion Inspiration

‘Avengers’ Dresses: Tumblr Uses Marvel Superheroes As Fashion Inspiration

When an Avengers big fan take the characters into real life. Tumblr blogger Robin of Robinade decided to combine her love of style and superheroes by creating “Avengers” fashion sketches. How I wish I could be the “Black Widow” >///<

(Founder Stories) David Karp: Why I Started Tumblr

How to make your Tumblr more easier to access to non-Tumblr users

People have talked a lot about how to increase the traffic to your Tumblr. There are a number of resources that you can reach online. However, what about non-Tumblr users? Not everyone of your audiences is Tumblr user. As a marketer, you have to realize that non- Tumblr users are as important as Tumblr users are. But how can we attract people not using Tumblr?

One thing you can do is to create categories on your Tumblr site. You may post lots of contents with variety of topics, but, In fact, it’s not easy to keep tracking a specific topic among all your content. In this case you can create categories according to topics, which makes it easier to navigate people to find and further engage to your Tumblr blog.


The other thing that you can do is providing alternative options to subscribe. The tradition subscribe on Tumblr is “Follow”, but it works only for people who have Tumblr account. For non- Tumblr users, you can do subscripting by email. You can use Feedburner to create subscribe for your content. Now in this case, people can get notification about your content without having a Tumblr account.

Is Tumblr Going To Monetize?

Read what David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, had to say about this in a recent interview with Tech Crunch Disrupt in NYC: Is Tumblr Finally Going To Monetize? 

How Social-Media Sites Like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook Woo Stars to Boost Traffic and Ad Sales

How Social-Media Sites Like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook Woo Stars to Boost Traffic and Ad Sales

Social Media + Stars = Increase of revenue!!!! Yeah…

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage Leads to a Spike in Tumblr Activity.

Increased activity and discussion on social media giants Facebook and Twitter is expected on Obama’s approval on Gay Marriage. However, the almost instant reaction and widespread popularity on Tumblr was not as expected. With Tumblr’s platform easily supporting multimedia and visual aids, users found it easy to post .gif and other visuals to express their feelings. Here is one example: When Obama Endorses. Read the original article: Here